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Website Design

Creating a website requires some strategic planning that involves not only aesthetically pleasing designs but a knowledge of the psychology behind how a customers mind works.

Too little information and a customer won’t be able to make an educated decision about your products or services.

Too much information and the customer will get overwhelmed and leave.

I can work with you to come up with a design that’s right for your business and attracts the right clientele for your products or services or you can leave all the work to me.

I can develop your website using designs you already created yourself or purchased from another designer.

Website Development

Writing Web Code is happy to provide new website builds from a single-page website to a multi-page site.

Do you need revisions to your existing site or a complete rebuild to bring your site up to date with customization that enhances your growing business? No problem. Whether it’s a site I built or someone else built.

I can optimize your website, making it fully responsive to all devices while preserving the design and feel of your original site or I can change it up to make it pop on all screens.

I can provide small or large custom additions or edits such as adding single or several blocks, adding pages, changing themes or making custom design changes through coding.

Website Maintenance

Updating plugins and themes is an important part of maintaining a safe website that is free of hacking and malware. Some hosting sites perform updates automatically and others require someone to manually approve these updates.

Another issue with updates, is that on some occasions an update can change the appearance of your site, slightly or sometimes dramatically.

It’s important to do a site wide check every once in a while to ensure your site looks attractive and elements stay where you originally put them.

Writing Web Copy can provide all or part of your maintenance, performing software updates, repair affected files, and restore your site operation when something breaks.

Need your Classic WordPress site Converted to a Block Theme?

No Problem, no job is too big or too small.

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The woman behind Writing Web Code


I’m Linda. I’ve been dabbling in code since I was a teenager. I’ve built many of my own websites and now I’m a part of the GeekPack Community. I’ve spent the last 3 years studying design, coding and WordPress Website development.

I have the knowledge of 1000 other web developers at my fingertips should I run into anything I can’t handle.